Cheryl Angel

Chapter 3 in The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook by Jennifer Serravallo is about interpreting data and establishing goals. After looking at sample of everyday work to find strengths and opportunities for growth the next step is to define the goals.

Goal setting is important. I was excited to see a quote by Daniel Pink.
goals affect accomplishment – when we have a clear sense of what we want to accomplish, how we will attempt to accomplish it, and our deadline for accomplishing it, we are more likely to be motivated to succeed. Talking to the students about the goal and providing feedback will help them progress.
The more a person takes ownership of her own goals, the more likely it is that the goal will be accomplished.
(Pink , 2011)

I am trying to figure out how this will look for the project that I am working on in the Media Center. My thinking is that after I have collected and analyzed data and determined possibilities for growth, I can meet with individuals or groups to have a Goal setting conference. Serrvallo says these aren’t long drawn out meeting, but more of a touch base short meeting.

Explain to students that together you are going to set goals. I’ve revised some of Serravallo’s goal setting questions that she uses when conferring to fit my circumstance. (p. 106)
. What are some things you notice about your work?
. What is going well?
. What isn’t going well?
. What do you think would be a good goal?
. Some things I’ve noticed are…

She said it is extremely important to write the goal down.