Cheryl Angel

LiteracyTeacherAs I mentioned in a previous post, formative assessment is a school goal this year. Since I wanted to support it, I tried a few things earlier this year that I thought would count. I created a survey for grade 5 students before Google Apps for Education lessons. I had students complete “evidence notes” that were added to a board to document what they learned during the first trimester. I created a challenge to assess student’s ability follow new technology instructions.

There are a couple problems with these assessments. One is that I wasn’t really looking at the “data” that I collected. An even bigger issue was that I knew that assessment was supposed to inform instruction, but I didn’t really get how to transform what I learned into lesson plans.

Then one Saturday in October by Jennifer Serravallo spoke to the Literacy Connection group about formative assessments. According to Serravallo, there is a protocol that begins with studying student work, then establishing goals to begin consistent goal-directed instruction with students individually.
There are 4 steps in this process:
I. Collect data
II. Analyze data
III. Interpret data and establish goals
IV. Create an action plan.

In her book, she dedicates a chapter to each step. The examples that she talked and wrote about are more applicable to classroom teachers, but my hope is that I will be able to consider how to incorporate each of Serravallo’s formative assessment steps in the media center.