I just finished tonight’s #cyberPD chat and it was so very inspiring.  One thing that stuck out to me is how to use technology to expand our reading communities.  Last year I started a library Twitter account and we followed other libraries in our district.  We shared what we were doing and learned things about them, as well, but I’m sad to say it was one of those things that kind of fizzled out after a month or so.  This year I hope to make sharing with others and building our reading community an important part of our time together in the library.  I think connecting with other wild readers outside our district would make our Twitter experience much more meaningful, as well. I started thinking about this more during the chat and read some thoughts of others, too..

Twitter chat 1

Twitter chat 2Twitter chat 3Twitter chat 5
I’m hoping to create a list of our #cyberPD teachers and students who would like to connect this year.  If you have a class Twitter account, blog, wiki, or other digital format and would like to connect with other classes to build your reading community this year, please leave your name and information in the form below.   Click on this link to see all of the results so you can find others to connect with, too.  I’m looking forward to connecting with your class soon!