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This past week I followed the Two Writing Teachers blog series, Writing About Reading.  I am always looking for ways to incorporate technology in the Media Center and I think that I can slightly adapt some of the lessons to address both technology literacy and traditional literacy goals that I have for the library.

Dana Murphy blogged about an Amiee Buckner strategy where students lift (copy) a line from the text and then write about it.  A student might describe why he chose it, what language he noticed, questions he has, what he visualized, etc… This would be an awesome blogging opportunity for our second grade students as they are starting to use Kidblog. Students would a type the lifted line and then “free write” about it as a blog post.  I am definitely going to try this!

Dana also wrote about a visual note taking method that she read about on the A Year of Reading blog.  Visual noting taking incorporates quotes, keywords, and images. I like this idea, because it seems to reflect the students connection to and understanding of the topic, better than traditional note taking. To incorporate technology, I would have students use an iPad drawing app such as Pixie (see image above) during a library read aloud. A picturebook Biography might work well.  They could share their thinking by projecting their iPad creations on a Smartboard using AirServer.

Besty Hubbard shared a collaborative project between GRK and GR1 students.  Kindergartners wrote a class letter to First Grade about a favorite Mo William book. Each first grader selected their own favorite and worked in a group with  like-minded students to list the reasons for the choice. Next they responded to the GRK students.   Technology could incorporated by having the GR1 students post their  choice book and reasons for choosing it on Kidblog. This would not only give them an audience, but also allow them to have an opportunity to practice being good Digital Citizens as they collaborated with  and responded to each other.

There were so many great ideas in the Writing about Reading series and I am a little sad that the week is over.  No worries!  There is an online Twitter Chat, Monday, Feb 3, from 8:30-9:30. Hashtag #TWTBlog