Today I attended the OELMA Summer Workshop entitled Media Literacy Meets New Literacies.  The speakers were Frank Baker (media literacy expert) and William Kist (new literacy expert).  The presenters shared many practical, hands-on examples and inspired me to rethink the ways that I will approach media with students in the media center.  Here are some ideas I’m thinking about now:

  • We all share a connection through media.  I think this will be an important idea to share with my students!
  • As educators we need to rethink our definition of reading and writing.  Students can “read” images with no text and “write” as they create media that may ultimately have no written words.
  • Students need to learn how read and write multi-modal texts.  This includes understanding how to use and create hyperlinks, how to annotate electronic texts, how to work with images (search, copy, paste, and cite), and how to write for an online audience.
  • Teaching media does not have to be an event.  It is and can be integrated in the work I am already doing with students.
  • And in the words of William Kist we need to chill out and find ways that work for us to use media in the classroom.

I’m looking forward to trying out some of the things I learned in the media center this fall!