We started this blog as a way to share our thoughts about the work we are doing in our school library media centers.  We both work in elementary buildings and are fairly new to working in school libraries.  We have found that sometimes it can be lonely when no one else in your building does the same job as you.  Hopefully, this blog will serve as another way for us to collaborate with each other and other librarians and teachers, as well.

In our district our school libraries are referred to as media centers and we are given the title of media specialists.   I like the fact that the media is included in both names because I think it allows for the inclusion of a broad range of materials.  However, I want the media center to be seen not just as the place where the media is housed, but also as a place where students will read, watch, listen to, analyze and create media.  For me this blog will serve as a place where I can communicate my thoughts related to this goal.